Our Team

Chief Trustee : Maj Madhukar Katragadda (Retd)

Madhukar Katragadda is a product of Sainik School Korukonda in Andhra Pradesh and graduated from the National Defence Acdemy, Kharakvasla, Pune. He became a commissioned officer in the Indian Army in 1982 and meritoriously served the nation for 11 years in 47 Armoured Regiment and took premature retirement voluntarily in the year 1994. Since he established himself as a straight forward professional in the Indian Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Industry initially and soon diversified into establishing services oriented corporate entities in various sectors such as Risk and Security, Housing and Hospitality, Lifestyles and Wellness, Media and Information Technology and Not For Profit Charity organizations.

He is the founder and chief mentor of the “Majors Group” whose purposeful goal is to build enterprise and develop leadership, add quality to peoples’ lifestyles while promoting honest dealing and clean thinking.


Trustee: Mrs. Sheela Kollipara

Sheela Kollipara is a Bachelor in Home Science and a Bachelor in Law. A dynamic lady with over three decades of hands on work experience which includes two years of Law practice in the civil courts of Andhra Pradesh, two years of teaching mercantile law at the college level, and over 2 decades of experience in business management.топодинdiamond game playдетские магазины днепропетровскчастные объявления на авитоmordvinov-wood